All of our azaleas are evergreen, which are known as Japonicas. These azaleas have been chosen for their good range of colour and hardiness. In our azalea range, we have 14 varieties, some are exceptionally hardy.

When growing the azalea liners we take great care to ensure that the final product is a good shaped plant with plenty of leaves on the branches. Liners are available in 9cm and 11cm pots. We also have a range of azaleas in 2 litre pots as a finished product, which are available in pink, red, white, orange and purple in autumn and spring.

We root our azalea cuttings in a 40mm cells, 104 cells per tray. The cuttings are taken from our own stock. The rooted cuttings are ready for dispatch from February onwards. These are only available to the wholesale market.

Practical azalea advice

Ideally azaleas need protection from the north-east, from the sun and wind. Planting amongst other azaleas and shrubs creates a good environment and effect. Planting azaleas below larger shrubs, like camellias and rhododendrons, makes a good border.

Azaleas require moist, well drained ericaceous compost and partial shade.

Please click to view our list of Azalea Japonica varieties.

Geisha Purple

Geisha Purple